Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria Workbook & Video Downloads Package



This proven method of learning Haitian Creole has over 38 hours of video instruction. These video downloads  guide you through the accompanying ‘Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria’ workbook to help you learn to read, write, understand, and speak Haitian Creole.


  1. Gloria I purchased your videos from Vimeo on December 9, 2020. My son has already started and bought his book. I thought the 100.00 covered the book. If so will you send me one.
    I’m excited to get started and love your energy.

  2. I received my book quickly and have started watching the videos! The classes look great so far, and I am already learning! Thank you!

  3. I just purchased your learn Haitian Creole package on 12/13/21 and curious as to know how I gain access to the videos. Will a link be emailed to me or sent with the workbook.

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