Haitian Gloria 

Bonjou! M’rele Gloria!

I was born in the Bahamas, (a nation with 50% Haitians), to Haitian parents. I’m an author, Haitian-Creole language advocate, and an avid supporter of fellow Haitian entrepreneurs.

My daughter and I began to teach kreyòl to friends, Haitian diasporas, missionaries, NGO’s, and people adopting from Haiti using various programs with average success. My daughter saw a great need for adopted children to keep their identity and for people visiting and/or choosing to live in Haiti to understand our language since it is an important part of our culture. As we worked with 200 individuals one-on-one for a period of 90 days, I developed the Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria program where I implemented all that I had learned in my speech and language courses at University. For over a decade my daughter and I have watched individuals build a strong grammatical foundation and become more fluent in their communication and comprehension skills, thus giving them the ability to have deeper relationships and a deeper understanding of the people of Haiti. I have traveled to over 40 states, several provinces in Canada, to Holland, Germany, Haiti, and Australia spreading the language of my people because I believe that in order for Haitian-Creole not to become extinct, the Haitian diaspora and other races must accept that it is first of all a language that has solid grammatical structure, and that it can be and should be taught in schools where there is a large population of Haitians. Haitian-Creole literature plays a huge role in the continuation of our language, and should be more readily available and embraced.

Visit The Mache to find Haitian-Creole learning resources and literature in English-Haitian Creole format.