My Zanmi is My Friend 

My Dearest Friend, 

We long to see each other and are comforted each time we do
The room is filled with laughter when we meet 

The gray skies are parted and the sun peers through when we are together 

You call me before I know I need to hear your sweet voice

You come to see me before I know I need a friendly face

Thanks for relentlessly pouring into me, preventing me from being all dried up

You check up on me before I know something is wrong 

You nurture motherless me without babying me

You welcome my vulnerability but never abuse my openness 

You ask me what my needs are before I know that I am in need 

You bandage my wounds before it scars  

You cover all my mistakes, my sins are not hidden from you 

You selflessly give and outgive my giving with your wise counsel

You never need to win an argument but rather bring light to the situation 

You endeavor to listen to me instead of clanging loudly in my ear 

You seek me out when I hide myself from the wide dark world 

You know me yet think the best of me 

You recover when I comfort you and heed my counsel

When I succeed, you triumph with me 

You open your heart to me and shut out the dividing words of the evil one 

Your face is as soothing to me as the warm rays of the sun on a chilly day

We’ve had our adventures but never relationship downs

We’ve laughed, cried, and vented together but never shown anger to each other 

We pray for one another’s children and spouses as if standing at the gates of Heaven on behalf of our own 

Earth feels a more comfortable temporary home because you’re in it

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