BOOTCAMPS: Learn Haitian Creole

Please email for more information to schedule your team’s very own virtual bootcamp or to schedule one in person in the future!

-Bootcamps cost $200 per person.
– If you already have a copy of the Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria video download program and a copy of the workbook cost is reduced to $125.


FRIDAY 7-9PM All Day Saturday (9-5pm)

Things participants need to bring:

-Bottled water
-Notebook & workbook if they had already purchased them
-Pen or pencil
-Phone or other device to record teachings 

Coordinators are responsible for:

– Finding a free location
– Having a group of at least 15 people in person or at least 10 for virtual lessons, paying two months in advance  
– Setting up the room with a dry erase board, name tags, and tables & chairs
– Setting up a Facebook Events page after payment of first ten attendees

This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to jumpstart or boost their Haitian-Creole to help build relationship with Haitians. That’s where my heart is in this.

Contact Gloria at

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