HAITIAN SPOTLIGHT: Delilah Dana Degryse

Who I am?

My name is Delilah Dana Degryse.  I’ve been involved with HSMS since 2017 and came down to live in Haiti in August 2018. I’m the English teacher in second and third grade at HSMS elementaryschool and founder of HSMS Music School. I was born in Haiti, but adoption brought me to Belgium, where I lived my whole life. 25 years later God send me back to serve my birth country for His name sake. I realized it was His plan to send me back so I could poor out to and be used for this community.



HSMS stands for Heart, Mind, Soul and strength and is based on Mark 12:30 ‘Love the Lord Your God with all your Heart and with all your Soul and with all your Mind and with all your Strength’. HSMS exists to be a change agent for future leaders in Haiti through education, discipleship, and community development.



Transforming the heart, soul, mind, and strength of Haiti’s children to lead the next generation. 


HSMS Music School

HSMS Music School is a nonprofit organization and grew out of HSMS Haiti, but stands now on its own. We are in need sponsors, intercessors, donations of music instruments, advisers, etc. We want to connect with people who have a heart for music and understand the power within music. The school has its base in Jeremy.

The vision of HSMS Haiti Music School is based on the Ephesians 5:19 ‘Encourage each another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.  Sing and make music in your hearts to the Lord.’

This school, founded by me (Dana Degryse), was inspired by a vision to see young people using instruments to express their heart and emotions from the inner depths of the soul. Especially in Haiti where emotions and trauma are brushed under the rug, music can prove to be expressive and healing. To see a child not only learn “how” to play, but learn the importance and the impact of music. We want that their music follows the rhythm of their and so be able to freely worship our Heavenly Father.

The power of music that has no limits. Music can reach places, where people, words and actions can’t. HSMS Haiti Music School wants to provide an excellent academic experience that is centered on a heart of worship. We want the children be able to come alive through music and meet God right where they’re at. Our biggest goal is to see the anointing of God on their music that will touch people’s hearts as they sing for His glory. Worship is a ministry on its own.

The Music School exist since fall 2018 and offers theoretical classes, worship classes, music craft classes, singing classes, piano classes, guitar classes, and drum classes. The children can choose their instrument and will learn how to master it.


Contact and info: www.hsmshaiti.org / dana.delilah.hsms@gmail.com  /+509 40.32.2675

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