Haitian Idioms 

2017-09-16 13.48.49.jpggate san (used as a transitive verb)

literally: spoil blood

meaning: upset

Ou ap gate san’m.

You’re upsetting me.
Sou de chèz (used as adverb)

Literally: on two chairs

meaning: thoroughly, in depth, in great details, quickly

M’ap ba ou li sou de chèz.

I’ll give it to you in great details.
Chape poul (used as verb)

Literally: to escape one’s chicken

meaning: to escape, to run away, to flee

Li te chape poul li.

He ran away.
al bwa chat ( used as inrtansitive verb)

Literally: go wood cat

Meaning: to die.

L’al bwa chat. or (l’al bwachat)

He died.
Ale nan peyi san chapo (used as intransitive verb)

Literally: go in country without hat

meaning: to die.

Li ale nan peyi san chapo.

He died.
achte figi (used as transitive verb)

Literally: to buy one’s face

meaning: to flatter someone

Mwen p’ap achte figi’w.

I will not flatter you.
met dlo nan diven (used as verb)

Literally: put water in wine

Meaning: calm down, simmer down, relax

Si’w pa met dlo nan diven’w, wa di bagay ou pa dwe di.

If you don’t calm down, you’ll say things you’re not supposed to say.
pran nan twa wa (used as intransitive verb)

literally: take in three kings

meaning: to be in trouble, to be stuck, to be in a jam

Mwen pran nan twa wa.

I’m in a jam.
pran fil (used as intransitive verb)

literally: take thread

meaning: to succeed, to become popular, to flourish

Biznis li a pran fil.

Her business is flourishing.
rache zèb anba pye (used as transitive verb)

literally: cut grass under someone’s feet

meaning: prevent someone from succeeding

Fè atansyon ak Fito, se zèb l’ap koupe anba pye’w.

Be careful of Fito, he’s trying to make you fail.
tet nèg (used as adjective)

literally: head of man

meaning: expensive

Mont sa koute tèt nèg.

This watch is expensive.
W ap konn Joj.

You will know George.

Meaning: You’ll get what’s coming to you.
W ap voye fle.

You’re throwing flowers.

Meaning: Talking nonsense/Being silly
M ap degaje mwen kon met Jean-Jacques.

I will handle myself like Jean-Jacques.

Meaning: I will find a way to handle this situation.
Ti Mari p ap monte, Ti Mari p ap desann.

Little Mary will not go up, Little Mary will not go down.

Meaning: Things will not change.
Abraham di setase.

Abraham says that’s enough.

Meaning: Enough is enough!
Pwoblem p ap fini.

Problems will not end.

Meaning: When it rains, it pours.
Ban m zorey mwen.

Give me my ear.

Meaning: Be quiet!
Yon vyewo li ye, wi.

He’s (or she’s) an old man (or woman).

Meaning: He’s a know-it-all/He’s experienced.

A word used to describe someone you would describe as ugly.

Used as an affirmative: Yes, true, indeed

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