Why Learn Haitian-Creole? 

-build relationships

-effectively share the Gospel

-give that Haitian child an easier transition

-get your bearings in an already unfamiliar surrounding

-make the people know you care

What are your reasons?
“Having returned from Haiti late last night I am too tired to post much but want to give a big shout out to Gloria for enabling me to speak with and understand my dear friends in Haiti. I know I have a long way to go in learning this beautiful language but this past week was filled with incredibly blessed moments; walking through the countryside singing songs with the children accompanied by Gloria’s voice which I recorded on my phone, dining in a restaurant surrounded by14 Haitian friends with whom I could communicate, praying over the children in words they could understand, listening to the difficulties some of the elders in the village experience daily and being able to encourage them in prayer. That is but a snippet of my week. Add to all that the joy of actually meeting these two people with whom I am connected through this group. From the depths of my heart, Gloria, m’vle di w’ mèsi anpil, anpil, anpil. Bondye beni w’ ak tout bon bagay!”

-Gail Grady
“Gloria, I am on my two week bonding trip right now and have thought about you so much. You prepared me so well for this experience. I have definitely mastered 2 year old Creole 😂 and I am having so much fun communicating with my son. It has helped SO much. Thank you my friend. Your ministry is huge.”

– Tacy Reihm

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