Haitian-Creole Expressions 

Listed in alphabetical order…
A demen- Until tomorrow.

A pi ta- See you later.

AN FÒM-M an fòm- I’m fine. I’m in ship shape.
Ann konmanse- Let’s begin.
Atansyon!- Attention!/Watch out!
BAY VAG- forget it/give up (annoying response when someone doesn’t want to do something).
Ban m zorey mwen- Give me my ears. Meaning: Be quiet.
Bon bagay- Good stuff.
Bòn chans- Good luck.
Jwaye Nowèl e Bònn Ane- Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
Ki te’m anrepo’m!- Leave me alone!
Kisa ki rive ou?- What happened to you?
M ap boule- I’m boiling. Meaning: “I’m fine” in response to “how are you.”
M ap viv- I’m living. Meaning: “I’m alive” in response to “How are you.”
M gen domi nan ze m- I have sleep in my eyes. Meaning: I’m sleepy.
M’kontan fè konesans ou- Pleased to meet you.
N a wè pi ta. We’ll see each other later.
POKO TOUCHE-M poko touche, non- I haven’t gotten paid yet.
Pase yon bònn jounen- Have a nice day.

Prese prese!- Hurry!

SAK AP FÈT? – What’s up? What’s happenin’?
Sa fè lontan- Long time no see.
Sa ou genyen?- What do you have? Meaning: What’s up with you? (if someone looks bothered)
Tout bagay anfom?- Is everything OK?
TÈT CHAJE- (n) disarray, trouble, (expletive) drama! The closest English expression I can find is DRAMA. When we’re saying something is like “drama”! Overwhelming craziness!
TÈT CHO- hot head Apparently…I was looking pretty cute. Tidma (my friend’s mom) said: “Wap fè tèt Jan (my husband, John) cho!”Can you guess what that expression means in THIS context?
Wap konn joj- You know/ you will know George. Meaning: You will “meet” the consequences for what you are doing. Joj is the name of a hurricane that hit Haiti in 2001 and that’s where this expression comes from.
ZE KLÈ-Ze m klè -This EXPRESSION is like saying: I’m aware/alert to things.


  1. Thanks for posting, it’s nice to get an explanation on the meaning and use of the phrases in order to deeper understand and apply them!

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