Gloria, I took your class a few months back in Plainfield, IL. I just got back from Haiti this week. I was with a group of guys putting a roof on an orphanage in Marfranc. I just wanted to send you a huge thank you! While I still have a long ways to go, your class really helped me connect and communicate so much better with our friends. I also lead Glwa Pou Bondye in church on Sunday morning and did the Amen Alleluia song with the kids at the orphanage. Thank you again for what you do! God bless!

Todd Walter

The first time I went to Haiti was in 2011. A year after the earthquake. My church partners with a ministry called “cross to light” that is training Haitian pastors. learning Creole is important to me for so many reasons. Mostly I feel like taking the time to speak to someone in their own language shows that you value and respect them. I want to be able to pray for and share the gospel with people in their own language,the language their heart speaks. The Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria books have been a literal answer to prayers. Mèsi Anpil!

Elise Christian

Thank you Gloria Guignard Board – you guys buy these books! All my fellow friends working in Haiti – this is the BEST way to learn. You can buy videos too that go along with each lesson. This is my 4th time buying this book, 2 of them I ended up giving away to others wanting to learn & the last one which was finished my husband accidentally spilled a beverage alllll over it. I almost cried. So much work & it’s the best reference – so I will just do it again 🙂 I have the second book & the videos. My kiddos in Haiti help me with them too & it’s fun for all of us.

Evanda Estes

Hi Gloria! You’ll be happy to know that my Kreyol improved so much on my 5 week solo trip to Haiti. Just got back on last Tuesday. It was definitely sink or swim!

Jessica Proffit of Children’s Health Ministries

My church has been working with Praying Pelicans..learning Creole is important to me because my church is building a partnership with a church in Haiti. We will be returning every couple years, but with God’s help, I want to return the opposite years and help Haitian’ s plant gardens and stuff. I pray that some day I’ll be able to adopt a Haitian baby.

Adrian Hensley

Gloria, we are on our bonding trip in Haiti for our adoption of a sibling set of three children. I can’t thank you enough for the little bits of Creole I’ve learned. I couldn’t imagine this experience without that communication. And, in two short days they are all singing “Glwa pou Bondye”! 😍. You are amazing and appreciated beyond words! Thank you!
Michelle Carr

I wanted to say thank you for putting together all the books and Vimeo’s for learning creole. My son has been home for almost a week now and it has been wonderful to be able to communicate with him!! I don’t know how parents do it without knowing their children’s language!!

I have to tell you that tonight I told Eli (our son) to eat over the table because he always scoots his chair back and crumbs all over. But after he was finished eating and had gotten down from his chair he grabbed another chip. I accidentally told him to eat under the table so he crawled under and started eating. Hahaha!! We all laughed so hard. 😂 I love that we can talk, say we love him and laugh. ❤️

So thank you!!